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Best International Kindergarten In Selangor Malaysia

Education is an important aspect that should never be taken lightly. Nowadays, access to quality education has never been easier. These range from pre-school years all the way up until the tertiary level. Going back to basics, it is important for your child to receive quality education from the start. During that stage, your child is actively absorbing information and learning new skills. Other than being a prime age to start learning, it will also eventually shape the way your child perceives learning in the future. A child that undergoes an active and fun-filled kindergarten experience is more likely to better embrace the next stage of education. Therefore, it is important for parents to look for the best international kindergarten in Selangor, Malaysia. Here are some tips to help you in choosing the right one.

1. Educational philosophy

While we do not mean you should look for one that lectures on Socratic discussions and Greek philosophy, educational philosophy here the general direction that the kindergarten’s syllabus is based upon. In layman terms, it is the teaching style and direction of the kindergarten. Do you want your kids to acquire a studious based approach? Or would you prefer the young ones to adopt a hands-on approach? These are all important factors that would determine the learning outcome. While different kids are naturally born with their own unique learning styles, your chosen kindergarten could eventually shape how he or she learns in the future as well. Before you step into any kindergarten, learn about the philosophy of the school and see whether you want your child to be a part of it.

2. The environment

Next up, have a look at the environment of the kindergarten. Is it well equipped enough to accommodate the children? Do they have enough teaching and learning facilities to promote a conducive environment? The best kindergartens will be one that provides space for your children to learn and grow in an exciting environment. The best international kindergarten in Selangor, Malaysia should also have ample facilities and play space so that your little ones can learn and have fun at the same time. Of course, security should also be a top priority with proper supervision and surveillance available.

3. The teachers

At the kindergarten level, you are definitely not looking for a doctoral candidate that has done extensive research on human psychology. Instead, you should be looking at qualified teachers that are passionate about what they do. In kindergarten, teachers there should have a genuine passion about educating young children while having the resilience and patience to do so. Talk to some of the teaching staff or even make an appointment to observe them in an actual classroom. They should be inspired and enthusiastic in nurturing their young students.

4. Class size

Even the best teachers in the world will get overwhelmed when faced with a class of 30 young children. This is why class size plays an important part in helping you to find the best international kindergarten in Selangor Malaysia. An ideal class size is one where the teacher will be able to pay full attention to each child in it. The next time you are looking for a kindergarten for your child, have a stroll around the school. Have a look at the classes and see if average class sizes are ideal for you.

5. Subjects being taught

Most kindergartens are going to be running their own syllabus and curriculum. While most kindergarten kids will not expect your child to master calculus, try to avoid those that put heavy emphasis on exam results, tests and drilling. The younger years are crucial for your children to develop a healthy learning habit, while being fun and exciting for them as well. They should be given more freedom to explore and develop their own sense of agency. The subjects should be designed for a holistic learning experience that combines both creative and practical skills. The best international kindergarten in Selangor, Malaysia should have engaging classroom activities and fun games in their daily lessons.

ACMAR International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC)

At ACMAR International School, we offer the IEYC for children aged between 3 and 6 years old. The IEYC is an internationally-recognized programme that is designed to provide a balanced and holistic learning experience. With a research and inquiry-based curriculum, the programme promotes active learning, curiosity and individual creativity. The IEYC even covers personal, social and emotional development.  Our dedicated team of professional teaching staff and modern facilities make ACMAR the best international kindergarten in Selangor, Malaysia. Comfortable classrooms are meticulously designed for conducive teaching and learning. With a small student-teacher ratio, rest assured that each child will be given proper care and attention.

At ACMAR, we believe that the key to successful learning starts by nurturing the young mind. Visit us today!