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Malaysia’s Top English Language International School Fees

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is an internationally recognized educational certification. Developed originally by the University of Cambridge International Examinations, the programme is now one of the most popular international syllabuses that are being pursued all over the world. IGCSE exam fees in Malaysia usually depend based on the preferred institution and also the subjects taken.

In Malaysia, the main medium of instruction of most international schools is English. Being surrounded by an English speaking environment, students are more than likely to acquire the language. With substantial exposure, most international school students will be able to be proficient in the language. International schools have been a popular choice among parents seeking for an alternative to conventional schools. In Malaysia, English language international school fees could vary based on the preferred institution. Here are some of the top international schools that offer the IGCSE programme. 

1. ACMAR International School

ACMAR International School (AIS) has been one of the most prominent institutions that offer a quality IGCSE programme. With over 22 years of experience, the school is supported by a backbone team of experienced teachers, educators and support staff. With extensive experience in educational pedagogy, they are among the top educators that offer a holistic educational experience to students. Aside from excelling academics, the school also emphasizes creative expression, sports, and interpersonal development to produce quality students that are well equipped for the future.

Sharing a similar vision to do more than just educate, AIS aspires to produce students that are creative and intellectually critical. Social responsibility is a value that AIS nurtures among students to be a responsible and contributing member of society. The school offers education at varying levels ranging from kindergarten to secondary levels. Sporting a brand new campus, AIS is equipped with an array of modern and world-class facilities to foster a creative and conducive learning environment. IGCSE exam fees in Malaysia does not have to cost a fortune. With AIS, parents and students are offered the opportunity to take the programme at accessible rates.

2. Regent International School

Believing in the potential of each student to inherit the nation – hence the name Regent, the school is now offering one of the most affordable Malaysia English language international school fees. Regent International School treats and nurtures each student with a passion found nowhere else. The staff members believe that today’s children will be the leaders of tomorrow. Regent operates and handles its curriculum with a firm philosophy of developing students that are competent in academic achievement while possessing good values, knowledge, competencies and life skills. In an attempt to produce holistic individuals, Regent formulates their syllabus and teaching content carefully. Frequent reviews and revisions are constantly done to make sure that each classroom lesson and task is dedicated for an educational purpose. With a non-profit driven structure, it is not a surprise that Regent offers lower Malaysia English language international school fees than most.

With global education in its core, Regent produces students that are knowledgeable and value-laden. Curriculum offered in the school includes both primary and secondary level education. Other than that, Regent also offers one of the more affordable IGCSE examination fees in Malaysia. If you wish to let your kids experience global education that is rooted in values, Regent International School is definitely an institution to consider.

3. R.E.A.L International School

An acronym for Results Enhancing through Active Learning, REAL international school is no stranger to the educational scene. Being around for 30 years now, REAL Schools are among the pioneers of international education in the country. As with most international schools, the school adopts a modern holistic approach. With a comprehensive syllabus that covers different educational levels, the entire programme is designed to nurture potential, inculcate strong values and helping students to discover their natural talent.

At REAL, the school offers British education that is based on the UK national curriculum. Recognized by more than 160 countries all over the world, they are definitely one of the best in quality education. Offering a broad range of subjects, each student is given the opportunity to discover his or her own potential. As of now, the school has around 5000 students of more than 30 different nationalities. This allows the students to experience cross-cultural diversity throughout 3 campuses located throughout Malaysia. With a low student-teacher ratio and extensive facilities, rest assured that educators will be able to bring out the best of each student.


In short, Malaysia is definitely well supplied when it comes to international schools that do not charge outrageous IGCSE examination fees in Malaysia. With modern pedagogical advancement, modern education encompasses more than just academic excellence. It is about nurturing potential and fostering global students. Malaysia English language international school fees are now made more affordable with the institutions listed above. For more information about their programmes and fees, do visit their official websites or simply give them a call.