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What Is A Private Candidate IGCSE?

What is IGCSE?

IGCSE is short for International General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is an English-based examination system that is widely recognized by many institutions around the world. Developed by the University of Cambridge International Examinations, it is ideal for international candidates as it is currently offered in more than 120 countries worldwide. With a standardized examination system, students will be able to gain the same academic accreditation through the IGCSE system.

Most of the time, students who complete IGCSE will move on to further post-16 studies such as A-Levels. The IGCSE has an academic worth that is considered to be on par with many secondary school curricula around the world. As for now in Malaysia, many colleges and universities are also accepting IGCSE as a part of their entry requirements. 

What is a private candidate for IGCSE?

Also known as an external candidate, a private candidate is usually known as someone who wishes to take the examination without having to enrol in a Registered Examination Centre. In simple terms, a private candidate for IGCSE is someone that wishes to take the exam without having to enrol or study in the institutions offering it. As they are not actively taking lessons at the school or centre, private candidates are fully responsible in terms of their study. Private candidates are expected to complete their own studies in preparation for the examinations.

What are the subjects offered for private candidates?

Compared to an internal student, a private candidate may sometimes be offered less subjects to be taken in the exam. This is because some of the subjects offered require the submission of coursework and projects. There are options where a candidate needs to submit coursework which is then authenticated by a registered school or Centre. However, some subjects do offer alternatives to coursework for private candidates. For example, a practical test for language subjects may be offered at a Registered Centre. This however still depends on the Centre or school to accept any private candidates for practical tests.

Before becoming a private candidate for IGCSE, it is always recommended for parents or the candidate to have a thorough look at the syllabus and academic structure. Check with the Registered Examination Centre that you are planning on taking examinations with. Verify with the Centre about the subject’s availability and specifications before you embark on your own private candidate journey. As a private candidate, you are also allowed more freedom to choose your own preferred subjects from a broad range that is offered. In addition to taking subjects that interest you, always bear in mind the entry requirements of any future college and universities that you plan on enrolling in. Take a balanced group of subjects so that you will be able to qualify for the disciplines you plan on enrolling in the future.

Where can you take the exams?

This goes without saying that a private candidate for IGCSE can only take the examinations at a Registered Examination Centre. You will need to pay an examination fee as a minimal. Some schools will require that you pay additional fees for coursework marking, practical tests, and supervision costs. Candidates should check and find a school or institution that offers the IGCSE for private candidates. However, it should be noted that not all Centres are required to accept applications for private candidates. This is why you should always check with the school to get proper verification.

Being a private candidate, it will be his or her own full responsibility in terms of registering at the centre for the examinations. They should make their own arrangements with the school such as checking subject availability, submission of any paperwork and scheduling of exam times. Communicate effectively with the Centre to make your applications an easier process.

Length of study and cost

One of the major perks of being a private candidate for IGCSE is the length of study and cost. As candidates are fully responsible for their own studies, the length of study can be as long or as short as they want. It all depends on the candidates themselves to determine if they want to have a longer or shorter studying times compared to traditional study periods. This is excellent for those wishing to progress according to their own abilities.

In terms of cost, going as a private candidate is definitely one of the cheapest forms of private education where you still get an internationally recognized certification. Aside from examination fees, you would only have to fork out additional money for resources and studying materials. These materials could vary in cost and getting online resources is definitely among the cheapest. A short length of study also means that you can put in minimal resources for you to take the examinations. It is recommended that candidates at least look for qualified tutors for some lessons and tips about taking the IGCSE examinations.

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