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Why Schools In Malaysia For International Students?

Malaysia has been a prominent beacon in the international education scene. Boasting a rapidly developing economy, diverse multi-cultural background and world-class educational hubs, schools in Malaysia for international students have always been a top choice. Being among the top educational hubs in the region, here are some of the reasons why Malaysian schools like ACMAR International School are excellent for international students.

1. World-Class Education

The majority of Malaysians place high emphasis on good quality education. This can be seen in recent years where there is an astounding rise in the number of international schools. In pursuit of high standard education, many institutions like ACMAR International School employ experienced educators alongside modern facilities to create a conducive learning environment. These schools operate based on internationally recognized syllabus and offers excellent quality education to all students regardless of nationality. The country is also known for its many collaboration with world-renowned institutions as an effort to further raise educational standards. With an increasing number of international students, experience cross-cultural learning in a global education setting. A collaborative scene means that you can get world-class accreditation within Malaysian schools.

2. Low Costs

Compared to many Western countries, studying at schools in Malaysia for international students is relatively cheap. Factoring in currency exchange rates, school fees could be cheaper when considering the exact same syllabus and programme. This makes Malaysia a very attractive choice from a financial perspective. Other than lower fees, living in Malaysia is also a fairly cheap prospect. Living costs are still decently low with cheap accommodation and even cheaper food available. The combined cost of living and school fees will not burn a hole in your pocket. This is also one of the top reasons why Malaysia is such a popular destination for quality and affordable education.

3. Unique Multi-Cultural Background

Malaysia is also known for its diverse racial and multi-cultural background. With various races and ethnic groups that make up its diverse population, studying in Malaysia is definitely an experience not to be missed. Experience studying in a cross-cultural setting is definitely an exciting prospect where you get to gain knowledge about the many facets of each other’s cultures. High social acceptance means that international students will quickly feel at home. This gives rise to a truly global population where cultural tolerance and respect is cultivated in Malaysian schools. While Malay is the official language of Malaysia, schools in Malaysia for international students use English as the primary medium of communication and teaching. Rest assured that students can quickly adapt to life in Malaysia with a diverse population of students.

4. Excellent Future Prospects

Regardless if you are studying in Malaysia at the primary, secondary or tertiary level, students are always given ample opportunity for future prospects. Be it getting a lot of job opportunities, or simply furthering studies to a local university; the Malaysian scene is definitely not short in terms of opportunities. With a flourishing economy, the country is undergoing rapid development. What this means is that the country will be in need of skilled graduates. Employment demands for skilled graduates are at an all time high across various disciplines. Other than that, the country’s abundant colleges and universities can be the ultimate stepping stone for those just finishing secondary education. If you have just graduated from a secondary education, students are given a wide range of choices in terms of courses and tertiary education institutions.

5. Attractive Destinations

Studying does not mean it has to be a boring experience. Malaysia is famous for having an abundance of attractive locations and tourist destinations. From lush green nature reserves to modern cityscapes, Malaysia offers more than just high quality education. With a rich historical background, many places in the country are labeled as a UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Walk in the charming colonial streets or marvel at modern architecture in the cities. The tropical country has some of the most diverse flora and fauna in the world. This means that you get to see unique species of animals and plants in nature reserves, parks and zoos. For a long school holiday, visit any of the many tropical islands for a quick getaway.

6. Food

If there is one thing Malaysians love more than anything else, it is definitely food. Being a melting pot of diverse cultural influences, Malaysian cuisine is as unique as it is varied. You will find that many Malaysian dishes take inspiration from one another’s culture. From posh Western fine dining, to sumptuous street food; you are bound to find food regardless of anywhere you go in the country. Schools in Malaysia for international students are extremely attractive as students get to savour the best cuisine anywhere has to offer.

These are just some of the reasons why Malaysia is the ideal study destination for students. ACMAR International School is among the top choice of schools in Malaysia for international students. Our modern campus is equipped with the best teaching facilities and qualified educators. Students can experience Malaysian hospitality alongside quality education with us. For more information about ACMAR, do not hesitate to contact us today.