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Gallery 2019

First Day of AIS (Jan 2019)

"I Love English Fun Camp" Korean 14-27th Jan 2019

Info Day 10th Mar 2019

School Trip to Chocolate Museum 15th Mar 2019

"GREEN FINGERS" Activities 15th Mar 2019

Acmar Tots - Making Batik Painting 19th Mar 2019

Compliment Day 20th Mar 2019

IPC and IEYC Exit Point Presentation Activity on 29th Mar 2019

AIS Sports Day (TELEMATCH) on 5th April 2019

Report Card Day on 12th April 2019

Happy Easter Day on 12th April 2019

Acmar Schools Sports Day 2019 on 14th April 2019

Gallery 2018

AIS Launching Day 15th July 2018

1st Term School Life Activities Sep – Oct 2018

Halloween Party 31st Oct 2018

Deepavali Celebration 2nd Nov 2018

Info Day 18th Nov 2018

Life Skills Holiday Camp 2018 (26/11/18-7/12/18)

Merry Christmas Dec 2018