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Cambridge IGCSE

Private International Secondary School In Malaysia

IGCSE is a globally recognised qualification, renowned for its courses in the development of vital education skills, linguistic and problem-solving abilities. It brings out the best in students by developing successful learners through skill-based teaching methods that are carefully assessed on a timely basis.

Level/GroupAge at AdmissionStageSchool Hours
Year 712-13Key Stage 38.00am – 3.20pm (Mondays – Thursdays)
8.00am-2.00pm (Fridays)
Year 813-14Key Stage 3
Year 914-15Key Stage 3
Year 1015-16Key Stage 4
Year 1116-17Key Stage 4

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Meet Our Teacher

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Ms. Valerie

Ms. Valerie Tee

Head of Education

WELCOME TO ACMAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL “The challenge of rebuilding a community of future leaders was for...

Principal Dr Danny

Dr Danny Ghee (EdD)

Principal AIS

I am honoured to be the first principal of AIS (Acmar International School). I’ve wanted...

Mdm Sherly

Madam Sherly Mathew

Vice Principal

Truly an international teacher having been educated and worked in various countries. A highly...