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Leadership Team

Ms. Valerie Tee



“The challenge of rebuilding a community of future leaders was for some reason, very attractive to me”, she said. “I guess there was something inside of me that compelled me to be a leader.”

Graduated from Hawaii Pacific University (HPA), Honolulu, Ms. Valerie is multi-lingual and proficient in Japanese language. As the former Head of Hospitality Division in Klang Executive Club, Ms. Valerie found herself drawn to schools that held commitments to high ideals, but had trouble meeting those ideals.

With her dedication and commitment for trying new methods and instilling confidence in her staff helped turn those schools around. During her substantial experience in the field of education, she relished meeting challenges head on and instilling that same attitude in her faculty members, whom she calls her family.

She welcomes anyone to join this lovely and friendly family.

Tiu Si Jie


Ms. Si Jie completed her Bachelor of Child and Family Psychology at University Malaysia Sabah. She has been working with young children since 2011. She enjoys working with young children, has patience and passion in educating young children.

She is driven by her mission of ensuring all children are provided with support needed to realise their full potential because she believes that children learn best if they learn according to their strengths.